Get the power of the powerwall

with no out of pocket cost

Leaders in Solar Battery Technology and Service

Tesla’s smart home battery, Powerwall, has brought high-quality, renewable energy and backup power to homes and businesses across the country.

As America’s leading residential solar and battery storage company, Sunrun is proud to meet your energy needs with industry-leading solar products, superior service and flexible financing options.

say hello ppa!

What is a PPA?

A PPA (power purchase agreement) is a financial arrangement with a solar provider that allows a homeowner to purchase the power of a solar plus battery system with no out of pocket costs, and includes maintenance and equipment replacement

Why it Works

PG&E Rates are the highest in the country.  Since they are a monopoly, you signed up for power with unlimited rate increases for life, and power outages.  That does not sound like a fair deal to us.  We provide an alternative, a fixed cost for power that includes energy storage…now that’s more like it! 

Sound Too Good To Be True?

Sunrun has been providing power to homeowners across the planet for 13 years and we know how to do power.  Because we are the largest solar installer in the country, we get the best price for equipment and pass that along to you in the form of a low monthly rate.  Nice, right?